Nowadays we can see the use of different technologies to improve processes or even help to improve people's lives.

Sebratec is a specialist in AI and Machine Learning solutions, a technology that is capable of understanding behaviors and improving processes. For example, in the automotive industry, this technology can be used in vehicle maintenance to prevent failures or perform corrections.

But were to identify which department or process to use, here are some tips:

Imagine that anyone who works on the front lines of a bank or hospital needs quick and accurate answers. This is a perfect example of how it can be applied, when the account manager consults the creditor initiates an account opening process for a bank customer, Artificial Intelligence can perform the entire process and give me the answer in a quick way (if the bank account manager is going to consult everything manually it could take a long time).

Already in a hospital, when a nurse is going to check in a patient, he or she usually needs to check a series of information or even consult health agencies. Artificial Intelligence can search for all this information and if the patient already exists in the hospital's database, this will be informed automatically (informing all previous history about the person and restrictions).

In the case of companies in general, the same applies in repetitive processes. A robot can help to bring any type of information more quickly or identify maintenance on some equipment. Here at Sebratec, we created an experiment focused on batteries that can be used in electric vehicles, where we analyze the cell's behavior and if it does not reach 100% performance, our intelligence tells the central to intervene and carry out preventive or corrective maintenance.

This technology applied to electric vehicles can be incredible, resulting in a performance improvement, reaching a higher mileage without the need to stop the vehicle at a charging station during short intervals. Even when the customer starts the vehicle, artificial intelligence can identify who is driving and give all route preferences and make all adjustments to the vehicle in an automated way (a super evolution talking about customer experience).

In short, Artificial Intelligence can be a giant step towards your company's digital journey, and Sebratec is here 100% available to support or instruct you in this process! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our webpage

About the author: Bruno Carrer Simões is Technical Sales Manager at Sebratec AB, where he is responsible for the entire commercial area and software development in the Latin America region. [email protected]